5 Big Kitchen Trends this Spring

1. Pantries and larders. Pantries and larders are big in kitchens right now, in every sense of the word. Both modern and traditional kitchens are benefitting from tightly organised fold out spaces to keep all those necessary items in order.

2. Black is the new black. Demand for black kitchens is soaring according to reports. At House of Harrogate we love a black kitchen or black as an accent colour providing the home has good light and/or light decor.

3. Integral wine chillers. OK wine coolers are nothing new, but a self chilling ice bucket built into a work surface is, well, pretty cool.

4. Extracting hobs. Why have an extractor fan and a hob, when you can have a hob that extracts. That’s what the guys at Bora asked themselves and the result is stunning. Working with or without external extraction, you can have an island hob without a canopy and watch the fumes sucked back into the hob. It’s art in motion.

5. The smart kitchen. Smart home technology has been around for a while but the benefits are really being felt now in modern kitchen design. What better time to integrate smart technology into the home than when designing a new kitchen.

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