Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Design

Personalised Design

At House of Harrogate, we offer a very personalized kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom design serviceOur focus is on getting to understand you and your family so we can optimize your key living spaces, matching them to your tastes, needs and lifestyles. For example, how we design a kitchen for an elderly couple would be very different from the kitchen design for a family of 6. Whatever the size of your project, we also believe it should be an enjoyable experience, rather than a chore, and we want you to feel excited as ideas flow and your new design begins to take shape! 

Kitchen design | House Of Harrogate, Harrogate
Kitchen design | House Of Harrogate, Harrogate

A Holistic Design Approach

The House of Harrogate team are quite unusual in that we can take care of a full scope of works for the home. We understand that people live very busy lives and so it can be difficult or time-consuming to pull all parts of a house project togetherWith this in mind, we design for a whole space, for example if it’s a kitchen design we can factor in practical solutions including tiles, flooring, radiators, lighting, and furniture, all of which we are fully equipped to advise on and supply. We are also experienced enough to notice the finer details you might not think of straight away, such as matching up to a room’s existing paint colour, coving or flooring, ensuring a seamless transformation between your old space and new.

Free Expert Design Service

Following our first meeting we will create what is essentially a working drawing which can be amended as required until we get to the point where you are entirely happy with it. There is no charge for any of our design work and using the latest Compusoft kitchen design software you will be presented with a fully itemized quote as well as full colour 3D design renders, helping you fully visualize how you new living space will look! 

House Of Harrogate, Harrogate
Gruppo Kyoto | House Of Harrogate, Harrogate

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What Makes House Of Harrogate Unique

Design For The Whole Home

We offer a complete design service for your whole home and garden.

Bespoke Designs

Every Spaces By Design project is truly unique and designed to suit your requirements.​

German Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.


We work with British brands with a commitment to producing premium-quality furniture.