Home Cinema

We are able to supply the very best brands in the world of home cinema. Our specialists design and install bespoke solutions to match your budget and requirement. We offer standalone surround sound packages to turn your existing tv into a dynamic home theatre. We also create full home cinema packages utilising fixed frame or electric screen plus projector set-ups. We can design to fit to an existing living space or a purpose built cinema room... for which we can also provide the furniture (link to furniture page). With brands including Denon, Marantz, MK Sound, Sapphire and Lyngdorf, you can be assured of the finest quality to meet your budget.

Make an appointment to discuss your requirements in detail and arrange a full demonstration with our partners Acoustic Pixel, or just drop in, we’re happy to give a quick taster demo anytime.

Come and see our showroom’s spectacular home cinema room, with luxurious seating for 6, a stunning screen and awe-inspiring surround sound. It’s just as the director intended.

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Home Cinema Room Harrogate Home Cinema Room Harrogate Home Cinema Room Harrogate

Home Automation

Our home automation systems can control heating, lighting, security, music and tv, offering efficiency, peace of mind and convenience. This can be done as a standalone project and is regularly incorporated into a kitchen design.

Come to the home automation area of our showroom and see the control of lights, tv and music in action.