How to Budget for a Kitchen

The first job is to pick a supplier. We suggest you shortlist a few, get a sense for the breadth of their range and the budgets they cover for. At this stage you may have a figure in mind for your kitchen, but that might change when you get a sense of what is available for your money. If possible select a supplier that caters for a broad range of budgets. Even if you have a firm idea on budget, you may want adjust what proportion of it is allocated to different elements during the design process, so your supplier's flexibility is critical.

Then you need to understand where your money goes and a get a sense of what you will need to spend to get what’s you want. What makes one kitchen £6000 and another £96,000? There are 4 main in components to a kitchen.

1. Units. Hand made with lots of curves, ultra modern with high tech finishes and storage solutions... or simple laminate with square edges. Just the doors can make a huge difference to price. units with laminate doors might fall into the £2000-5000 range. You can double that for painted wooden doors and more than double it again for glass doors or in-frame painted ones.

2. Appliances. There are two aspects here. How many and what brand? The choice and price range for appliances has the greatest impact on the overall cost of your kitchen. To give you an idea, House of Harrogate appliance packages range from £1500-£50,000

3. Worktops. You’ll be noticing a trend by now. A laminate worktop will cost a few hundred pounds, granite or quartz a few thousand, Corian a little more still, a Neolithic worktop might cost up to £8000.

4. Fitting. This is the cost that’s often overlooked because it’s as much circumstance driven as choice driven. The fitting of units is only a part of it. You will need to remove your existing kitchen and allow for electrics, plumbing, probably plastering and most likely tiling... both supply and fit. Much of this will be dictated by your existing kitchen space. Typically you can expect to pay from around £2000 to £7500 in fitting.

So the cost of your kitchen will need to factor in the choices you make. At House of Harrogate we believe its a good idea start with a realistic figure you are comfortable with, factoring in likely fitting complications. But keep an open mind on how you will divide the component parts. Select a supplier that offers you choice in your budget range and has experienced talented, designers who can help you make educated choices and offer alternative solutions to help get the look you desire for the budget you have available.

House of Harrogate have over 25 years in the Kitchen trade and offer quality kitchens to meet a wide range of budgets.

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