AEG was founded over 120 years ago on a simple philosophy that everything it designs should be perfect in both form and function. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of every AEG appliance and helps to enhance your kitchen in style, experience and functionality. Below you can read, watch and download more information about AEG and their innovative product features such as their MaxiSense Induction Hobs and Protex washing machines and dryers.

Cooking with AEG. Whatever your cooking style, whatever your favourite dishes, there is an AEG oven, hob or compact that’s just right for you. Featuring their intelligent technology, every AEG cooking appliance makes it effortless and enjoyable to create great tasting food, exactly the way you and your family like it. With fantastic features such as SteamCrisp, SteamBoost, SteamPro, SurroundCook and SenseCook in their ovens & compacts and MaxiSense, FlexiBridge and HobtoHood in their hobs, however you like to cook, AEG can accommodate all your needs.

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